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Top End Force

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The Top End Force is a rocket. The center frame construction has an internal rib which reinforces the frame making it super stiff for maximum transfer of power. The Force’s center frame design also allows for transfers that are easier than any other handycles in its’ class. In addition, the Force’s aerodynamic design offers an adjustable, lie-down, reclining or recumbent position which ensures optimum comfort using mostly arm, shoulder and chest muscles.  This is the position preferred by paraplegics and quadriplegics.    
 through the turns is smooth yet fast with our steering dampener system. The 27 speeds operated by the Rapid fire hands-on shifter/ brake delivers smooth, responsive shifting and braking right at your fingertips plus the easy-to-operate, no cable, virtually maintenance-free manual upper derailleur system take the guess work out of the chain rings. The 26-inch high performance wheels are outfitted with high-pressure clincher tires, threaded axles, drafting bumper, parking brake, and cushions for seat and back. Many performance upgrades are now available.
you force the pace? Yes, you can. Get the Top End Force.

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