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Top End Force-2

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The new Force-2 Handcycle is a great bike at a super price.  It is a streamlined version of our popular Force handcycle and is ready to ride. There isn't a handcycle on the market with these great features and quality for less!  It has 27 speeds, high-performance wheels, Shimano components and is totally adjustable.   Plus it comes with a safety flag,  chainguard, seat and back cushions, drafting bumper and a leg guard. Many other options are available and the installation instructions are easy to follow.
 if you are just looking to get started in handcycling or wanting to do entry level competition. Available in red or blue, 15" seat width or 17"seat width respectively.
 is also a great handcycle for clubs, schools and teams.  For complete details please click on the on-line brochure and/or order form. The Force-2 ships in 5 days and
minor assembly required but for a small fee we can do it for you.  Contact your Invacare provider today and get ready to GET CRANKING!

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