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The Top End Force R is faster, lighter and stiffer than the original design and it is packed with 15 new and exciting improvements, road tested and designed with consumer feedback. The Force R is all about comfort, speed and aerodynamics. 
  2011 we added some of the favorite features of the new Force X. Now you can have the adjustability of the Force R but upgrade to 30 speeds, a totally fixed fork and/or new carbon wheels.
 can see all of the key enhancements by clicking on the on-line brochure which has detailed photos and drawings of the changes. Please call us if you have any questions @800-532-8677. 
 at the front, the
footrests are curved inward which keep your feet closer to the wheels for a true aerodynamic position. The lt narrow fork design allows your legs to be closer together minimizing body profile against the wind. main frame is built from internally ribbed 7005 aluminum which is custom pre-curved, extruded aluminum tubing with an oval profile making it super stiff for maximum transfer of power. The computer aided teardrop design of the Force R's low-to-the-ground frame is sleek, stable and unbeatable. addition, the unparalleled lt aerodynamic design of the Force R offers an adjustable, lie-down or recumbent position with an easy-to-adjust backrest and crank support. This position combined with our effortless adjustments and lt breathable mesh upholstery ensures optimum comfort using mostly arm, shoulder and chest muscles. new frictionless hand pedals with lt 7005 aero crank arms make it seem like you are flying because it is so effortless to go fast ... especially with SRAM® components. The 27 speeds operated are by the SRAM Grip Shifter/brake unit and delivers smooth, responsive shifting/braking right at your fingertips. The no cable, virtually maintenance-free manual upper derailleur system takes the guess work out of the chain rings. Control through the turns is super smooth yet fast with our steering dampener system.  The 26-inch high performance wheels are outfitted with high-pressure clincher tires and threaded axles.
 standard features include a 
drafting bumper, parking brake, and cushions for seat and back.   Check out our professional level shifters, cassette, brake and chain ring upgrades and time trial wheel package for maximum performance and speed. 
 how to measure for
crank arms and seat width. you ready to force the pace? Get the Top End Force R. You will be a ballistic missile.
  Testimonial from Matt Updike, member of 20011 USA Paralympic Team:
"I have used the Force R since 2009 and just upgraded my ride to the Force X. But if I didn't have the Force R to start with, I never would have been as fast.  The frame construction allows you to sit low and thus it's more aerodynamic.  It's also super stiff so there's little wasted energy with the frame flexing. Combine that with some other great features like the 7005 crank arms, power plate handpedals and tapered footrests, it's not only fast, but it's also one slick looking ride."
from Carlos Moleda, 3 time Hawaii IronMan Triathlon World Champion, Handcycle Division, (current world record holder 10:30:00):
"This bike is the most comfortable bike I've personally ever ridden. The radical, luge-style seating is not for the faint of heart but is fast, stable and truly aerodynamic. I can ride about 2 mph faster against the wind on this bike than on previous semi-recumbent style bikes. Overall, this bike scores high points because it will allow those who can't ride a kneeling bike to go faster and be more competitive in a racing environment."

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